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common python mistakes for beginners

8 Common Python Mistakes You Shall Avoid

Introduction Python is a very powerful programming language with easily understandable syntax which allows you to learn by yourself even […]

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Python one-liners with list comprehension and ternary operation

15 Most Powerful Python One-liners You Can't Skip

Introduction One-liner in Python refers to a short code snippet that achieves some powerful operations. It’s popular and widely used […]

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web scraping with python requests and lxml

Web Scraping From Scratch With 3 Simple Steps

Introduction Web scraping or crawling refers to the technique to extract the information from a website and transform into structured […]

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plot route on Google Maps with Python Google Maps API, optimize route with Google Maps API, Singapore

Plot Route on Google Maps with Python

Introduction You probably use Google Maps a lot in your daily life, such as locate a popular restaurant, check the […]

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create animated charts and gif in python with pandas-alive

Create Animated Charts In Python

Introduction If you are working as a data analyst or data scientist for some time, you may have already known […]

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generate password with python random and python secrets

You Might Have Misused Python Random

Introduction Python random module provides a convenient way for generating pseudo-random numbers in case you need some unpredictable results for […]

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