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Python generate QR code, Python read QR code, Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

Read and Generate QR Code With 5 Lines of Python Code

¬†Introduction QR Code is the most popular 2 dimensional barcodes that widely used for document management, track and trace in […]

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20 Useful Tips for Using Python Pip

20 Tips for Using Python Pip

Introduction Python has become one of the most popular programming languages due to the easy to use syntax as well […]

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reading email from outlook with python pywin32

5 Useful Tips for Reading Email From Outlook In Python

Introduction Pywin32 is one of the most popular packages for automating your daily work for Microsoft outlook/excel etc. In my […]

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python virtual environment, isolated environment

3 Ways for Managing Python Virtual Environment

¬†Introduction Python virtual environment refers to an isolated execution environment for managing Python versions, dependencies, and indirectly permissions. When you […]

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combine data in pandas with merge vs join

Pandas Tricks - Combine Data in Different Ways

Introduction If you have used pandas for your data analysis work, you may already get some idea on how powerful […]

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group consecutive rows of same values in pandas

How to group consecutive rows of same values in pandas

Problem Statement You have a data set which you would like to group consecutive rows if one of the columns […]

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