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pandas convert columns to rows, convert wide to long, pandas melt

Pandas Tips - Convert Columns To Rows

  Introduction In one of my previous posts – Pandas tricks to split one row of data into multiple rows, […]

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Manipulate Audio File in Python, pydub, download youtube,cut video python

Manipulate Audio File in Python With 6 Powerful Tips

Introduction Dealing with audio files may not be that common to a Python enthusiast, but sometimes you may wonder if […]

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Python generate QR code, Python read QR code, Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

Read and Generate QR Code With 5 Lines of Python Code

 Introduction QR Code is the most popular 2 dimensional barcodes that widely used for document management, track and trace in […]

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Python interact with smart contract, python brownie, python mint NFT, python call smart contract function

Python Interact with Smart Contract

In the previous post, we have discussed how to deploy a NFT smart contract with Python Brownie. Once your contract […]

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brownie deploy smart contract python, NFT smart contract, mint NFT, free NFT

Deploy Your First NFT with Python

Introduction NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has exploded since last year and keeps on roaring regardless of how the cryptocurrency is performing. […]

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python virtual environment, isolated environment

3 Ways for Managing Python Virtual Environment

 Introduction Python virtual environment refers to an isolated execution environment for managing Python versions, dependencies, and indirectly permissions. When you […]

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